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My first two novels now e-books, available worldwide

To get you in the mood for Green Valley, coming in November in Germany and in mid-2019 in English, my first two novels, The Beggars' Signwriters and Dark Windows, are now available worldwide as e-books.

They're currently just $2.99, and you can buy them now at Smashwords, Amazon, and many online book retailers.

Dark Windows cover - Louis Greenberg

Johannesburg is becalmed. A wave of New Age belief and an apparent cure for crime have radically altered South Africa’s political landscape.

Jay Rowan has been hired to black out the windows of random vacant rooms. He’s trying to keep out of trouble, but he’s a pawn in political aide Kenneth Lang’s project Dark Windows. A mystical charlatan has convinced Lang’s boss that she can affect the ultimate transformation with a supernatural visitation, the Arrival, and Lang needs to prepare for its coming. When Jay and his married lover Beth Talbot realise that someone has died in every room, political and personal tensions come to a head and Jay, Beth and Lang must confront the past they’ve been trying to avoid.

Dark Windows is a moody, sexy, intelligent literary thriller.

The Beggars' Sgnwriters cover - Louis GreenbergSet in Johannesburg, London and the Karoo desert, The Beggars’ Signwriters is inspired by anthology films like Robert Altman’s Short Cuts and Paul Auster’s wandering flaneurs. The interconnected strands curl their way along the visceral formative sexual and creative paths of several characters: Lyon and Tania, two teenagers learning to love, and artists Renée, Shane and Aden, who repeatedly strike violently creative sparks off each other.

“Louis Greenberg’s debut novel displays many of the features that run through his subsequent work: a keen sense of place, sensitive characterisation, a fascination with creative lifestyles and expression, the ethics and aesthetics of takeaway burgers, and the effect of technology on freedom – all along with a slight warping of accepted reality that become hallmarks in S.L. Grey’s Downside series and Greenberg’s novels like Green Valley.”

Watch this space for more!



Download my short story, “Akhenaten Goes to Paris”, here

Akhenaten short story posterFollowing the success of the re-release of "Oasis", my short story, “Akhenaten Goes to Paris”, is now available to download – free of charge and fiddly bits. Just click here to download the PDF.

“Akhenaten Goes to Paris” was first published in Jurassic London's brilliant collection of new mummy stories, The Book of the Dead, edited by Jared Shurin and is republished with his very kind permission.

Ancient mummy Akhenaten has an important message for his father. To pass it on, he needs to navigate not only French border control, but the seductions and the politics of modern-day Paris.

"I was particularly tickled by the long-lost mummy of Akhenaten trying to get through French passport control after putting on a wig and a body stocking and slathering his face with bees wax `to look less….dead’." - Fantasy Reads
"A signature piece [featuring] a gleefully macabre cabal of mummies" - Nerine Dorman, This is My World
"I just adored Louis Greenberg’s Akhenaten Goes to Paris" - A Fantastical Librarian
"By far the funniest of the whole bunch" - Niall Alexander,
"Nicely done." - This is How She Fight Start

This edition comes with bonus content of a talk I gave about the story and its psycho-social background to the Monstrous Antiquities conference at the University College London.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.



Download my short story, “Oasis”, here

Oasis short story poster.jpgMy short story, “Oasis”, is now available to download – free of charge and fiddly bits. Just click here to download the PDF.

“Oasis” was first published in the Short Story Day anthology Water: New Short Fiction from Africa, edited by Nick Mulgrew and Karina Szczurek and it's one I especially enjoyed writing.

Set in a near-future when water is sold for profit, “Oasis” charts the first, quiet step in an epic journey. Jame, a child with remarkable abilities, is being smuggled out of Europe to join a revolution in Mali. The story is narrated by the reluctant guardian who’s helping Jame on through security in the Geneva airport.

The story is told with non-gendered pronouns that I adapted from Michael Spivak's scheme developed on LambdaMOO. I found it fascinating to realise just how much gender is hardwired into the English language.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.