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Alongside my writing, I am a professional copy-editor and proofreader with over a decade of freelance experience. I've edited and proofread over seventy books for trade publishers, including fiction for adults, teens and children, along with travel, sport, lifestyle and history.

I've also worked for academic and corporate clients, was a commissioning editor at Random House South Africa, and have led novel-writing and copy-editing courses at the Writers College and for the Professional Editors' Guild.

These are just some of the brilliant books I've worked on:

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Download my short story, “Oasis”, here

Gbiraltar Wordworks logoMy short story, “Oasis”, is now available to download – free of charge and fiddly bits. Just click here to download the PDF.

“Oasis” was first published in the Short Story Day anthology Water: New Short Fiction from Africa, edited by Nick Mulgrew and Karina Szczurek and it's one I especially enjoyed writing.

Set in a near-future when water is sold for profit, “Oasis” charts the first, quiet step in an epic journey. Jame, a child with remarkable abilities, is being smuggled out of Europe to join a revolution in Mali. The story is narrated by the reluctant guardian who’s helping Jame on through security in the Geneva airport.

The story is told with non-gendered pronouns that I adapted from Michael Spivak's scheme developed on LambdaMOO. I found it fascinating to realise just how much gender is hardwired into the English language.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.